The numerous advantages
of the PINFLOW system

The PINFLOW system is extremely well-suited for integration into existing manufacturing structures. Manufacturing islands in particular can be ideally supplemented with the PINFLOW system as a local deburring system. Connection to cutting machines such as machining centres or lathes is very simple, irrespective of whether feeding occurs by hand or via an automatic feeding system. The PINFLOW system can be used in precision mechanical production plants as well as in foundries.

Reliable processing of cast iron, spheroidal graphite cast iron
and aluminium workpieces

Deburring of components with complex structures

Deburring and simultaneous washing, derusting,
descaling and preserving

Smoothing, polishing and compressing,
as well as improvement of surfaces (Ra, Rt)

No warping after processing, no subsequent
treatment required

Leaves neither structural changes nor tension
or micro cracks

Parts weighing up to 80 kg can be processed

High economic efficiency thanks to simultaneous
processing of multiple parts

High economic efficiency thanks to short setup time

Optimal integration into production processes

Low energy consumption

Low follow-up costs for operation and maintenance

Our service

We not only deliver deburring systems, but also advise you about our PINFLOW system. At our site in Neumünster, we design complete systems for you, including the design and production of customer-specific clamping devices. We determine the optimal deburring medium using a specially developed program and determine the appropriate process parameters with our testing machine. In the event that a system we have delivered does not function optimally, our service staff, as well as an extensive spare parts warehouse, are at your disposal. Our sales representatives are your qualified contact people. If desired, we will process sample parts for you on our machine. Allow yourself to be convinced of the PINFLOW system‘s performance. We will be happy to assist you.

These companies have realized the advantages and are already using the PINFLOW process.