Deburring service:
Our flexible service for you

It is not always worth investing in an effective deburring system. You may not have enough of the relevant workpieces, resulting in too short an amortisation period.

We therefore provide you with the opportunity of having your workpieces treated affordably, quickly and accurately at our PINFLOW facilities in Neumünster, Germany. Simply send us a few sample parts or drawings and we will give you a quote.

The first step before starting the deburring job: test deburring

Before starting a new job, we test the work pieces on our machines on the basis of different parameters to get an idea of how to deburr them optimally. Below is a description how we carry out such test deburring:

  • Preliminary talks
  • Receiving and returning the signed non-disclosure agreement.
  • You send us the data required for preconstruction (e.g. CAD data, 3D views, drawings and technical information such as material, weight, etc.). You specify the critical parts of the work piece to be processed. Together we determine the goals of processing.
  • Preparation and approval of preconstruction.
  • Preparation of an offer for the test. (In case of multiple tests or very time-consuming and/or cost-intensive projects we would ask you to share the costs for the material required for the test fixture.)
  • After you have approved the costs, we prepare the "test fixture" required for the part.
  • Then you send the parts for the test. We check whether the parts fit into the fixture.
  • Arrangement of a date for the test. You are welcome to watch the test at our facilities.
  • Carrying out the deburring test
  • Parts are inspected by TDK-M. The boreholes are checked by means of an endoscope. Parts are checked for internal and external damage.
  • Preservation and packing of the parts.
  • Preparation of a test report.
  • Returning the deburred parts and the test report to you.